About Us
Our Mission
  At Innovation Partnership, our mission is simple: to solve persistent community problems with creative, maintainable and sustainable solutions. Through research, broad perspectives, partnerships and the pursuit of answers, IP tackles tough challenges that traditionally defy resolution.  
Strong Partnerships
with Community

  Innovation Partnership succeeds where others fail by bringing together diverse coalitions of civic leaders to tackle specific issues. Community groups, businesses, local and state governments, school districts and non-profits come together under our guidance to research and assess problems, deliver workable action plans and implement solutions.  
Our Approach
  Innovation Partnership works to solve community challenges that frustrate civic leaders and resist traditional solutions. From education to community building, we pinpoint critical issues that limit dynamic communities and we find long-term solutions to these systemic problems.  
Consistent Process Drives Results
  Faced with challenges brought to our attention through research or community leaders, we consistently employ our proven approach to problem solving. Our process for finding solutions is differentiated by thorough and fact-based analysis, open-minded approach, broad collaboration and vigilant management.